Hey, I’m

Yunchen Xiao

PhD Student, School of Mathematics & Statistics, University of St Andrews

About Me

Yunchen was born in Shenyang, China, on 02/10/1996.


After finishing his primary school in Shenyang, he moved to Guangzhou when he was 12,  he finished his junior high school there.


He then moved to Paris, and he got his IB diploma in Ecole Jeannine Manuel.


After spending 3 years in Paris, he chose Scotland as his next destination, he graduated from University of St Andrews in 2018, with a first class MMaths (Fast Track) degree, right now, Yunchen is a PhD student, under the supervision of Mark Chaplain and Len Thomas. He is interested in parametrizing mathematical models of tumour-induced angiogenesis and diffusion, and together with selecting among competing models using Approximating Bayesian Computation methods, (ABC).

Most importantly, Yunchen is a fan of Manchester City and Pep Guardiola himself... :) 

The story of Yunchen continues...



Mathematical modelling of pneumonic plague in 1413. (Funded summer internship, 2017)

Under the supervision of Dr. Tommaso Lorenzi, I modelled the pneumonic plague across Europe in 1348 (related to the famous "Black Death") with a modified SIR model. 






Mathematical modelling of cell dynamics in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Master dissertation, 2018)

Based on the paper "Mathematical modelling of Leukemogenesis and Cancer Stem Cells Dynamics"written by Dr. Thomas Stiehl and Professor Anna Marciniak-Czochra, and under the supervision of Dr. Tommaso Lorenzi, I modelled the cell dynamics (both hematopoietic cells and leukemic cells) in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) as my master dissertation. 


Angiogenesis & Approximating Bayesian Computation (ABC)

Right now, I am working with Prof. Mark Chaplain and Prof. Len Thomas, seeking a way to use the statistical Bayesian method to improve the accuracy of angiogenesis models. 


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Semester 1:

MT1002 Mathematics (Tutorial)

MT1002 Mathematics (Maple computing sessions)



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